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this is so important 

FOR SCIENCE - Can You Roll Your Tongue?


Can you roll your tongue like this? image
If you CAN, then please REBLOG.
This is for serious science! because I have an assignment in my biology class to do a survey on how many people can or cannot roll their tongues.
If you CANNOT roll your tongue like that, then please FAVOURITE this post!
you can de-favourite the post or delete it from your blog in about two weeks if you desire to do so, but I plead you to take part in this survey of serious sience! thank


goals for summer 2014

  • lose 30 pounds
  • go to the gym
  • sleep earlier
  • wake up earlier
  • become hotter
  • ruin at least three people


when ur thirsty for fic but you have quite fucking literally read every single quality fanfiction for the pairing


you’re home early

Best lost property find ever?

I wish bold lipsticks weren’t ‘too much' for work.